Meet the Ranch QD Crew (or better known as the Ranch Gypsies!)

John Fox Hutchins......aka "Super Ant"

He is the "Daddy's  Girl" who listens endlessly to all the crazy ideas and has the "go get it done" attitude to keep it all going!  He is NOW our second Angel in heaven keeping Alice on her toes!  They are both sending signs from beyond we are on the right track!

Alice Quick Hutchins.....Aka "Questions"

She is the fourth generation on the farm who tries her best to keep the "Party Girl" grounded.

She is the "glue" that binds the operation together in more ways than one! She is NOW our Angel keeping a close watch on us from Heaven!

Victor C. Rodriguez......aka "Mr Perfecto"

He works tirelessly!  Balancing between regular ranch work and the never ending "wish list" of dreams the "Party Girl" can conjure up next! 

Lucky enough to be living a dream come true!  A fifth generation on family farm land meets creative, party planner Wendy Hutchins Dorman.  Combining the love of animals with the passion for event planning and collecting unusual  event props and decor evolves the eclectic, out of the box style with limitless possibilities!  Explore the many facets of creating your next event or simply head to the ranch for a day in the country to renew your senses!

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